The Teacher of the Multitude

Pay attention to conscious lyrics by a hip-hop artist in Birmingham, AL

The world needs more musicians like Devonta Ravizee. This hip-hop artist sheds light on real issues through conscious-rap music. His freestyle "October's Eyes" is making waves in the hip-hop community as one of the "greatest stories ever told." This local rapper is a triple threat-working as a hip-hop artist, hip-hop music producer and video producer.

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Devonta Ravizee is also a hip-hop producer for artists in the area. He'll take your song to the next level with:

Custom beats that fit the vibe of your song
Useful suggestions on how to improve your song
Free in-person consultations

His mission is to teach artists and others in his community that they are important. He accomplishes this through his captivating music, philanthropic events and video production services.

To schedule your consultation with a hip-hop music producer in Birmingham, AL, call 205-370-1716.

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