Originally, before there was a name was just the attitude in 14 year old Devonta's music . His very small, but very supportive group of fans deeply internalized the values embraced in his music, like imulating the actions and ideals of love, hope, faith, and family in a fragmented and crime stricken community on the Eastside of Birmingham. Hosting events and doing small shows in the city, the attitude of his music seemed to shift the atmosphere of every room and to inspire every ear that heard it.

The Essence of the Culture

The concept of Ravizeenation was not merely a business model pieced together by young, brilliant leading innovators and business owners during a 1 hr lunch meeting at Starbucks. The internationally known brand is a product of attitude of Devonta Ravizee himself, still being shaped and refined with over 23 years in the making. Aesthetically, how he embraced the good and the bad situations, and how they all shaped him into who he is today. As the fan base grew across the United States and across countries, listeners of all races and ages began to share in the spiritand attitude of Ravizeenation.

The Meaning of Ravizeenation

After imbarking on his journey of music, Devonta had his very first daytime radio debut with 93.7 WDJC's Anthony Johnson. Quickly after, his fans dubbed themselves as being citizens of the "Ravizeenation". The meaning of Ravizee means "teacher" or "influencer" of many in the hebrew language, combined with the suffix nat- meaning born- and nation-meaning a large body of people born of a common descent history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular state or territory.

As growth continued, fans further began define the Nation themselves he came out with more music that reflected the effervescently enlightening and strong attitude, naming the attitude of the music, a culture that they all identified with, hence the part-nation-as the agreed upon code or way of life.