A key part of RAVIZEENATION's mission is to bring the people of Birmingham, AL together. He's accomplishing his mission through various events. The purpose of each event is to spread positivity and ignite change in the areas that need it the most.

To learn how you can get involved with the community events happening in Birmingham, AL and the surrounding area, please call 205-370-1716.

See what our local event coordinator has in store

RAVIZEENATION is a local event coordinator hosting philanthropic events in Birmingham, AL and the surrounding area. Through career fairs, basketball tournaments and other community-based events, he's bringing the community together in a positive way-something much-needed during these unprecedented times.

Would you like to partner with our local event coordinator for your event? Call now 205-370-1716 to discuss your concept with RAVIZEENATION.

Esteemed Guests:

Esteemed Guests:

It is with extreme honor and hope for the future, that I extend to you this invitation to the "5 Lil' Penguins" premiere, because this exclusive event is a huge deal for our arts industry, and an opportunity for great strides toward more progress in Birmingham as a whole, which is why you are being invited! More than an event to show our riveting, and heart stopping crime drama, the premiere is our tool to begin depicting the true stories, and circumstances, that enable the negative things to cast shadows over our cities successes, and pitch solutions to move those clouds, especially concerning our African American communities. Making Birmingham proud, our series will be worthy to be mentioned alongside the greatest crime dramas of our lifetime and beyond. "5 Lil' Penguins" is also being utilized to give our local businesses national, and international level exposure. The is the way we have chosen to do our part, and show our love for God, and dedication to our community at large.

Devonta Ravizee
Owner, CEO